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Aero All

A real "featherweight", the AERO All blade is a sure winner for all players looking for maximum control and sensations. 

Whether you are a good all-around player or more defensive, you will be convinced after just a few rallies. 

Enjoy a new range of playing pleasures thanks to AERO technology.

Strategy: All

Speed: 90

Feeling: Soft

Weight: 70g

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  • Ultra Light Blade 
  • Extreme Sensations 
  • Fineline Contour

Playing quality

  • Flared Handle
  • Plywood: 5 
  • External Plies: Fineline 
  • Thickness: 5.4mm 
  • Playing Strategies: Def, Def+, All-, All, All+ 
  • Made in China


Aero Concept

The Aero concept allows optimal transmission to the handle of shock waves generated on impact with the ball.


The hand’s sensorial system immediately processes the sensations necessary for perfect response.


The fineline contour gives protection for the ply and gives you a better playing comfort.