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Hinotec Off

3 words to describe Hinotec OFF: power, sensation and precision. 

Resolutely offensive, this blade is easy to control under all circumstances. 

Experienced players will appreciate the ability to choose from a range of rhythms. 

The most versatile player can boost their game, as long as they are reasonable when it comes to choosing coverings.

Playing Strategies: Off-, Off, Off+ 

Strategy: Off

Speed: 120

Feeling: Medium-Hard

Weight: 85g

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Playing quality

  • Flared Handle
  • Plywood Combination:
    • 1+5: Hinoki
    • 2+4: Limba
    • centre Kiri
  • Thickness: 6mm 
  • Playing Strategies: Off-, Off, Off+ 
  • Made in China

Playing Quality


Hinoki, which is present on the external ply and is combined with other carefully selected woods, offers a perfect balance between dynamism, ball handling and precision.