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Gatien Pure Off+ Carbon

This blade has a 15-ply for a unique topspin sensation. 

This "elastic" power is also harnessed on the strike, whilst the counter-initiative of comfort and safety are never overlooked.

Strategy: Off+

Speed: 155

Feeling: Medium-Hard

Weight: 85g

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Playing quality

  • Handle Options: Flared, Anatomical, Straight, Chinese Penholder 
  • Plywood: 13+2 Carbon 
  • External Plies: Limba 
  • Thickness: 6.4mm 
  • Playing Strategies: Off-, Off, Off+ 
  • Made in Sweden

Playing Quality

Made in Sweden

Within this field, Swedish know-how stands out as an absolute reference point : highest mastery in the choice of wooden essences, in their combination and assembly.