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How do I decide if I need an indoor or outdoor table tennis?

Indoor tables are not weather resistant but provide an excellent bounce and are good value for money. However, they must not be stored in damp conditions (garages, barns etc can often be damp) as exposure to moisture will cause the playing surface to warp. This will also happen if the table is left outside in the sun.

Cornilleau use a resin laminate for their outdoor tables and the tables higher up the range will provide a playing performance similar to an indoor table.  The resin laminate playing surface is also shock resistant and fully weatherproof making it resistant to sun, rain, snow and frost.  Please note this is not true for all brands - some manufacturers advertise 'outdoor' tables but the small print states that the table must be stored indoors.

Table tennis tables are also quite large pieces of equipment (a full size table measures (2.74 x 1.57m).  You will also need to factor in playing area around the table so outdoor tables tend to be more popular unless you have lots of indoor space.

Do all table tennis tables have the facility for solo practice?

All rollaway tables can be used for solo practice - just fold one half of the table which creates a surface for you to play against. Only the PARK, Proline 510 and the Competition 610 models do not have the playback facility.

Can I leave my table tennis table outside all year round, and do I need to use a cover?

Only outdoor tables can be left outside - never leave an indoor table outdoors even if you use a cover as the table will warp. The purpose of the cover is to keep the table clean and dry as well as for additional safety.

Do I have to put the table together?

None of the tables are supplied pre-assembled as this would make them difficult to transport without getting damaged. The assembly instructions are very clear and easy to follow but if you prefer to have the table assembled for you then this service is available on all models for an additional charge of £50.

Assembly instructions for all tables are available to download from this website.  You can also access You Tube videos that take you through the process step by step.

Do all your tables conform to EU safety regulations?

Yes, every table manufactured by Cornilleau goes beyond the requirements of the EN 14468-1 European safety standard.

All Garlando football tables comply with the EN safety regulations.

How do I decide which table to buy?

With a wide range to choose from there is a table to suit everyone. With table tennis tables, generally the more you pay the better the playing performance will be. The table will be more robust (heavier duty) and will include additional features such as bat and ball storage.

People are more influenced by colours and style when selecting a football table. All Garlando tables (except the F-1 and F5) are manufactured in Italy so you can be sure that you are purchasing a top quality product which will last. All models are made from durable and hard-wearing materials and are of a solid construction.

What is the main difference between the budget football tables and the Garlando tables?

The short answer is the quality of the materials. The Garlando tables are very sturdy because they have solid legs which avoids wobble associated with tables with hollow wooden legs. Telescopic rods are standard on most of the tables we stock as this reduces the risk of accidents where children are concerned. The use of roller bearings on most models means the rods move smoothly and reduces wear and tear. All models up to the G-5000 are supplied with a plastic laminate playing field. This is usually preferred because a glass playing surface is too smooth making ball control extremely tricky. The top models (G-500 Pure White, G-5000, Pro Champion and Master Champion) have a sanded glass playing field for maximum control.  If you prefer the transparent glass playing field then we offer this on the G-500 Evolution model.

I don't have enough room for a football table in my house. What are my options?

In the Garlando range you will find the Master Pro, G-500 and G-2000 weatherproof tables which are outdoor versions of Garlando's best-selling indoor models. These tables can be safely stored outdoors all year round and a weatherproof cover is supplied as standard on the G-500 WP and G-2000 WP. If you want to use or store an indoor model in a barn or garage then we recommend purchasing the weatherproof cover to protect the table against damp. You should never store an indoor table outdoors, even using a weatherproof cover.

Why should I buy from Sports 4 Fun?

We have selected quality products from top manufacturers who are specialists in their fields with worldwide recognition. You can therefore be certain that the products you buy from us meet all necessary safety standards, are durable and are built to last.

In terms of customer service, we do not believe the sale ends when the order has been received and offer an excellent after sales service both in terms of order expedition and spare parts service.

Do you ship to other countries?

Sorry but we only deliver within the UK. We are also only able to ship table tennis and football tables to the UK mainland.

When can I expect to receive my order?

The large, heavy items such as table tennis tables and football tables will be delivered by a 2 man carrier and delivery is normally between 2-10 working days. Spares and accessories are usually dispatched within 24 hours of order receipt.

Do you sell spare parts for the products listed on your website?

Yes, we can supply spares for all products listed on this website. Simply go to the Spare Parts section of this website and you should be able to find the item you are looking forward. Should you have any queries regarding the spare part you require, or if you cannot find it online, please contact us on 01403 865094.